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"It’s a very good show about a bad trip that just gets worse the longer you watch... It gets a bit dark and uncomfortable in places, but in the best way."
-Luke Plunkett (Full Review)

Nerdier Tides

"It will be easy to watch the series and think of it as just a lampoon. A hurtful satire of what it is to be a "Weeb", but it is significant... Watch it to see the humor in it all, that you are not alone"

-Tai Radway (Full Review)


Mental Illness Happy Hour

A podcast interview with show creator Luke that covers the way the show deals with mental illness and Aspergers with Paul Gilmartin

- Link to interview

#Trending All Day

Lovers of nerd culture will recognize all inside references, maybe a friend, and scarier yet, maybe even a little bit of themselves. That’s what makes the show so great. It deeply embraces the nerdiness of con culture. If you are into anime, manga, friendship, and Japan, this how was custom-tailored for you."

-#TrendingAllDay (Full Review)