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Luke Palmer


Luke Palmer has worked in Film, Theater, Radio and Video game development. The son of a thriller writer, he believes that good fiction can change lives. 2 Kawaii 4 Comfort is his first feature length project. Previously, Luke created the cult experimental radio show The World Domination Hour and produced the films Advent and [Punchline]. While attending Emerson College he was head writer of the Historic Emerson Comedy Workshop.' After Graduating he worked with organizations like The New York Neo-Futurists and UCBcomedy. His work has been featured on Buzzfeed, the AV Club, Cannes (Creative Minds Program), Tromadance and the New Hampshire Film Festival. Luke continues to make original content under the banner Rhino Stew Productions and can be hired for freelance work at


John Bickerstaff studied filmmaking at Emerson College in Boston, MA. He wrote, directed, and produced the short film Advent, which played at festivals including The Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, New Hampshire Film Festival, and Cannes Creative Minds Program. He currently has several projects in development, including his feature screenplay Muckrakers, which quarterfinaled for the Nicholl Fellowship. His work primarily focuses on underrepresented characters caught in outrageous, larger-than-life circumstances. He lives in Los Angeles, CA

John Bickerstaff

Co-Producer, Director

Jordan Michaud-Scorza

Director of Photography

Jordan Michaud-Scorza was birthed from the roots of the mountains in the late days of the 20th Century. She journeyed east to study under the lords of light, then west to find her calling among the Lost Angels. She can speak to squirrels and once won a banana eating contest. In her spare time she picks bluberries with her feet and enjoys skipping to a happy tune.